If you require a miter saw that proves to be remarkably precise, then the sturdy DeWalt DW715 will deliver. The DW715 is really a single-bevel compound miter saw that is equipped with an accurate miter system. This compound miter saw likewise features an advanced machined base fence that offers extra support to ensure that the fence stays straight for a significantly long time.

The DW715 is powered by a 15 Amp motor, including its 12-inch carbide blade that can spinning at 4000 RPM. Ideally, reading this DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review will encourage you that this miter saw is ideal for making furniture-quality cuts.

DeWalt DW715 Features

I have actually completely examined the Dewalt DW715 Compound Miter Saw features, and efficiency. Making you understand whether you ought to choose the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Dewalt DW715 Review.

Powerful Motor

This compound miter saw can cut framing and molding fairly effortlessly, and can also be made use of for bevel cutting, crosscutting and miter-cutting, all thanks to its 15 Amp reputable and powerful motor. The saw blade itself is connected to an automatic electrical brake so it does not take more than 5 seconds for it to stop when the trigger has actually been released.

Accurate Miter System & Tail Side Fence

A wide miter storage capacity in between 0 and 50 degrees to the left and right is showcased by the precise miter system of this saw. The stainless steel dent plate of the miter system likewise has 11 positive stops as a result of which this saw can be established fairly quickly and efficiency is also improved. The sliding fence is rather high. Up to 5-1/4 inch of crown molding and as much as 6-1/2 inch of base molding can be nested vertically versus it. When bevel cuts have to be made, the fence can likewise be easily vacated the way by moving it out.

Cam-Lock & Bevel Capability with Bevel Stops

The cam-lock miter manage of this saw can be easily adjusted. As a result, the cutting angles are constantly exact and rapid, and damage override is made possible, i.e. the saw does not slip into the miter detent when the miter setting is being changed.

Due to the left and ideal bevel ability of this saw, its cutting ability is increased. To the left, bevel cuts can be made in between 0 and 48 degrees and to the right, bevel cuts can be made between 0 and 3 degrees.

Another function that makes this compound miter saw quite versatile is its 4 hardened steel bevel stops, which vary from 0 to 48 degrees. As a result, the most common bevel angles can be set extremely easily and quickly.

Blade Guard & Interlocking Trigger

It can be unsafe to work with a power device, which is particularly true when it come to saws due to their very sharp spinning blades. Naturally, this has been taken into account by DeWalt, which is the factor this saw is geared up with a blade guard that keeps the blade covered. When the arm is decreased to cut the material, the guard goes up and out of the way, and as quickly as the arm is lifted up, the guard resumes its position. The interlocking trigger likewise makes sure that the saw does not accidentally launch.

Final Verdict

In general, this model is one of the finest miter saws, built to be utilized under rugged conditions and is capable of managing a myriad of jobs, which has probably become apparent after reading this DeWalt DW715 review. The accurate cutting angles, the ease of use, and the numerous blade stops are sure to impress you. Whether you casually like to do DIY projects or you are a professional contractor, this compound miter saw is high recommended for bevel and miter cutting.