Whether you’re cutting molding for that new additional bed room you’re constructing or assembling that frame, having a great miter saw is necessary. Baseboards and crown molding need precise crosscuts. And you need a great miter saw that makes this uncomplicated. DEWALT DW717 10-inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the current offering from this identifiable brand raising the bar in miter saw quality.

One of the most familiar brand names, DEWALT has developed quite the reputation. However does this newest offering live up to DEWALT famous track record? A through shakedown of this leviathan and rundown of its features indicates the response is yes.

Features of DEWALT DW717

I have actually thoroughly reviewed the DEWALT DW717 Compound Miter Saw features, and efficiency. To make you understand whether you must go with the item or not, discussed them in details below on this DEWALT DW717 Review.

Powerful 15-amp Motor Delivers no-load Speed of 4,000 RPM

This saw features a 15 amp motor with a no-load speed of 4,000 RPMs. This additional power and speed makes it easy to cut quickly and properly. Sluggish cutting speed typically suggests you need to move the saw slower. This can cause unequal cuts and an influence on precision.

The speed and power of the DW717 makes miter cutting and crosscuts effortless and exact. That you can get such power from a saw that just requires 120 volts is amazing. The only downside is that the saw blade isn’t really as sharp as equivalent models like those manufactured by Makita and Bosch.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate With 11 Positive Stops

Favorable stops on a miter saw enable to you set the miter index at different angles. This system has a detent plate that offers 11 various favorable stops. This vehicle likewise includes a cam-lock miter that’s simple to change so you can make quick and accurate miter angles.

These permits to you deliver quick, accurate and repeatable cuts quickly in succession when using the vertically-swiveling saw head. The detent override also lets you change the miter setting while avoiding saw slippages into these detents. It’s also extremely flexible, with a miter capability of 0-60 degrees to the left and 0-52 degrees to the right.

Tall Sliding Fence For Work With Crown And Base Moldings

DEWALT DW717 Miter Saw Having a tall sliding fence enables you to work with the thickest boards of wood with ease and little-no-slippage. The DW717 has a capability to manage crown and base moldings approximately 6 1/4 inches with a molding base set of 6 inches against this fence.

In addition, the fence will slide out of the way when making bevel cuts effortlessly due to its building. This makes this system very flexible and permits you to make accurate cuts on thicker pieces of material in a shorter quantity of time than a lot of miter saws.
Hardened Steel Bevel Stops on Each Side

It likewise comes with four solidified steel bevel stops on each side to establish for bevel cuts measuring in between 0-48 degrees to the left and right. The four bevel stops on both sides make it simple to find and set bevel angles.

This means that you can cut angles without having flipped the piece of wood you’re working with. You can turn the saw to complete such bevel angles. And the back fence design lets you make 45-degree bevel cuts through wood measuring up to 2 by 14 inches.

Dual Steel Horizontal Rails

Compact dual horizontal sliding rails (complete with clamping system and linear ball bearings) operate in conjunction with this fence for simple and accurate cuts. You have the ability to lock the position of these railing to accommodate the thickness of the product you’re dealing with.

Their strong steel building also makes them very resilient and able to take repeated poundings. They are still easy to deal with and change, with linear ball bearings that make determining the right size density quick and easy.

Compact Building And Lightweight Usage

DEWALT DW717 Review This system only weighs 51 pounds and comes with a built-in deal with. This implies you can transport it to job websites and move it from room to space quickly and easily. Its small size likewise allows to you stow it away in your garage or onto your automobile when leaving a task website with lots of room for your other tools.

Such simple handling and small size is not a usual function of effective and flexible miter saws. This speaks to the mobile-oriented design of this certain vehicle.


  • Extremely versatile and precise
  • Utilizes a long lasting and durable construction
  • Multiple favorable stops with a vertically pivoting saw head
  • Hardened steel bevel stops on each side
  • High Speed motor for fast cutting


  • The little lock for the slide might be tough for some individuals to find.
  • Average dust collection from this design
  • Some individuals may discover setting up this design a bit hard.
  • The blade saw that comes with this unit isn’t really as comparable to Makita or Bosch counterparts


The only significant disadvantage to the DW717 is the blade sharpness when you compare it to other likewise costs designs from other companies. In other relates to, the flexibility and ease of use this design offers is second to none.

Essentially, this device is ideal for professionals who require a miter saw that can make exceptionally accurate cuts rapidly while still being lightweight adequate to transfer quickly. It’s likewise for that handyman in your house who wants to do a great deal of molding work on their own without needing a pro to do it. Ease-of-use and versatility are this saw’s major highlights.