For a long time, miter saws have been improving and are currently simpler to maintain than ever before. It is essential to comprehend the ins and outs of miter saws so as to be able to choose top-notch appliances which won’t let you down.

The Dewalt dws709 compound miter saw is without a doubt a high-performing tool. Found in homes as well as commercial wood shops worldwide, this saw is admired for its excellent capacity to cut wood while adjusting effortlessly.

The makeup and materials of Dewalt DWS709 miter saw is so magnificent making it better than others. Beyond appearance, what is most outstanding is how easy it is to use! The dewalt dws709 miter saw is also energy efficient and has very high quality.

Dewalt DWS709 Features

If this is your first time purchasing a miter saw, it might look like a lot of difficulty to use, but this saw has several great features that make things extremely easy.

I have thoroughly reviewed the Dewalt DW709 Compound Miter Saw features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Dewalt DWS709 Review

Adjustable stainless steel

The Dewalt dws709 miter saw has an adjustable Stainless steel miter detent plate that has ten positive stops to improve productivity. Moreover, it will practically last a lifetime because of its durability. Precise machined base fence support and miter system optimize cutting accuracy and durability as well

12-inch 60-tooth fine finish blade

The saw is a decent starter wood cutting blade, which in fact performed better than anticipated, but it is still designed for all-purpose construction jobs and not fine woodworking. It is not compulsory to spring for an enhanced blade right away.

However, premium blades will regularly provide cleaner cuts. It’s also recommended that a saw user matches a blade to the type of material he/she plans on cutting.

Robust hold-down clamp

Dewalt miter saw has a robust hold-down clamp with a powerful 15 amp; 3,800 RPM motor that delivers extended power. Moreover, there’re no out feed supports incorporated. This is comprehensible since lots of users use the saw with stationary or portable stands. Its dual horizontal steel rails with linear ball bearings and innovative clamping mechanism deliver a precise, long-lasting and compact saw.

Lightweight design (51 lbs)

There’s a handle at the top of the miter saw, along with two hand grooves on both sides. The saw weighs approximately fifty-six pounds, so while it’s portable and easy to store, it isn’t easy to move around all day.

Exclusive Back Fence

Dewalt DWS709 Compound Miter Saw ReviewThe miter saw’s cuts up to 2 in. x 14 in. measurement lumber at ninety degrees and 2 in. x 10 in. at forty-five degrees. Furthermore, the DWS780 miter saw provides much more cutting capacity and functionality than a non-sliding 10-inch saw, like Dewalt’s DW713 saw. Its sliding mechanism really increases cutting width compared to other non-sliding saws.

Oversized bevel scale

The dewalt dws709 miter saw is designed with an oversized bevel scale which makes it precise and easy. It has tall sliding fences support crown that mold up to 5-1.5 in. base and nested molding up to 4-1.5 in. vertically against the fences while it easily slides out for bevel cuts. Miters 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right also provide increased capacity.

The DWS780 can easily be adjusted to cut vertical (bevel) and horizontal (miter) angles at the same time, allowing every user to make complex wood cuts with one operation.


  • Attractive design
  • Accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Costly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q : What should you consider Before Buying?
    A : There are a number of things you must consider if you want to buy an excellent miter saw. It is prudent for you to choose a miter saw that you can afford.The Dewalt dws709 miter saw comes at an affordable cost plus user’s guide. Its stainless steel is considered one of the best since it maintains its good looks and last longer compared to others. The product’s eligible for Amazon’s 90-day returns policy and has very easy maintenance.


You always want the best when searching for miter saw. Look no further, the Dewalt dws709 miter saw bundled with brilliant functions is a perfect addition to your appliances. This saw produces best and is worth every cent.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this appliance gives you the best alternative. The saw cuts precisely, adjusts comfortably and quickly, slides smoothly and with ease, and its XPS work light is in fact an appreciated feature.