For somebody who loves to deal with wood and wants to make furniture using wood, a fantastic saw is among the most necessary tools. It remains in reality essential because without it making a cool cut in wood will not be possible. To be able to use a saw effectively, a great support in the type a saw stand is similarly essential. Non use of a stand might cause the saw slipping out of your hand and flying occasionally and sometimes might even lead to mishaps. It might end up hurting you terribly. A good miter saw stand is therefore your crucial tool since it provides sufficient support to the saw consequently enabling the work to occur with accuracy. There are a host of options available in the market today but few are of the desired quality. One item that plainly has an edge over the number of others in the market is DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand.

DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand Features

Lightweight Aluminum Building

The DEWALT DWX723 is an incredibly light stand that adds benefit at the working place. If you are a freelance carpenter who travels routinely at various workplaces, then you must think about acquiring this light stand that will safeguard you from the burden of weight.

Its slim shape fits well into the back of any automobile and makes transportation simple. The quality of mobility is constantly a concern to think about, especially for carpenters who deal with huge volumes of work. Judging from the big scale applauds that the stand continues to make, the DEWALT DWX723 is among the most effective tools for woodwork.

Strong Beam

In numerous methods, the DEWALT DWX723 is among the greatest stands for hectic carpenters. If you look closely at the design of the beam extends, you will observe that they are distinctly styled to support terrific weights.

Indeed, the stand has actually shown its efficiency in holding large pieces of work and allowing the carpenter to deal with enhanced stability. There is no chance any carpenter will ever get fantastic results without guaranteeing that the materials are held firmly for the miter saw to get exact and precise cuts. This stand offers the guarantee of stability and accuracy, which every carpenter needs all the time.

Mounting Brackets

It is challenging to rely on any random stand from the streets to hold a costly saw and support a delicate crown molding job. You require a strong stand with extra assistance features that make ideal and accurate installing. The DWX 723 stand was built with special miter saw mounting brackets that relieve the process of installing and dismounting.

While working, every miter saw operator needs the assurance of security for his or her miter saw while in the process of work. This stand offers such a guarantee since the mounting brackets offer the necessary firm holds.

Non-marring Feet on Tool Mount

No one wants to see any scratches, marks, and dents on a completed product. Carpenters who dislike scratches on their work can trust the DEWALT DWX723 for perfect results. The non-marring feel on tool install is meant to safeguard the product from all kinds of damage that can affect the quality of the final results.

This feature is particularly essential for house stylists who wish to enhance the look of houses with flawless moldings and spectacular wood finishing.

Leg Lock Levers

You might have seen knowledgeable carpenters setting their stands with fast rapid changes as if it is all a kid’s play. The leg lock levers are the allowing functions that make such quick moves possible. The levers are created with improved easy to use benefits that make it possible for a typical operator to use without any problems.

Despite their simplicity, these features offer terrific assistance for the stand and aid to hold a miter saw and heavy material in best balance.

Fast Release Function

When you need to complete a number of tasks within a few hours, you need high levels of flexibility and easy manipulation of the miter saw. Such qualities are made possible with the quick release function of the DWX 723 stand. The function makes it possible for the operator to put a saw at any point of the rail with remarkable ease. The exact same function also makes it possible to release the saw easily for enhanced portability.


  • Adjustable height pieces not broad enough for some products
  • Hard to level the feet on irregular ground


This stand comes equipped with a 3 year minimal service warranty. Amazing, right? There is more to come. Along with this item you likewise get a 1 year complimentary service agreement. Likewise, you get this item with a 90 day money back ensure in case you are not pleased with it. It can’t get any much better. So, awaken now and grab this chance of owning the one of its kind miter saw stand.