Every top-rated miter saw deserves a good stand for support and protection. The DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand was designed with sufficient strength and flexibility for job site mobility. This stand is made of steel, which gives it the sturdiness to hold heavy weight miter saws.

Many operators are pleased with the rubber grip wheels because of the balance they provide and the smooth mobility that protects the saw from mechanical shocks that often result from rapid movements around the workplace. The fold-up design of the stand allows the carpenter to work at different heights as the tasks may require.

DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand Features

I have thoroughly reviewed the DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand Review.

Adjustable Mounting Rails

You may have wondered whether you will need a new stand every time you change a miter saw at the workshop. Such a reality would be cumbersome and very costly in the long term. The DEWALT DWX726 is a very convenient stand because of the adjustable mounting rails that allows you to mount different types of miter saws.

You can imagine the advantage of this flexibility in a large workshop that has many types of miter saws. You will also notice that the stand protects the operator from extreme exhaustion because it absorbs the whole weight of the miter saw.

Wide Rubber Wheels for Mobility and Balance

71sEZa22nEL._SL1500_There is a satisfying feeling that results from the quality of the wide rubber wheels of the DWX726 stand. Many carpenters are comfortable with the size and strength of the wheels, which contribute to their noiseless mobility around the job site.

The wheels are also part of the perfect balance quality of the stand, which enables the carpenters to align their work pieces in the right orientation before the cutting begins. When the nature of work requires frequent movements from one point to another, the rubber wheels can be trusted to provide swift mobility. The swiftness helps to enhance the speed of work.

Roller Work Supports

You may doubt the functional advantage of this stand until you get a closer look at the roller work supports. The DEWALT DWX726 stand was designed with the out-feed and in-feed roller work supports, which are crucial for the provision of material support.

I like this machine because it provides up to eight inches of material support. It is quite easy to operate the roller work supports, which makes it convenient to use this stand for materials of varying sizes and weights.

Tubular Steel Construction

Without the assurance of strength, no carpenter would ever trust any stand to hold their precious miter saws. There are many different types of miter saw stands on the market, but it takes a keen eye to find a strong stand that can hold the saw in perfect balance and allow the operator to work with full confidence.

The tubular steel construction of the DEWALT DWX726 stand is designed to hold as much as 300 pounds in weight. In every sense, such capacity is of great advantage in woodwork.

Ergonomic Handle

One of the striking features of the DEWALT DWX726 stand is its handle. The handle serves two main purposes.

First, it is used for pushing or pulling the stand from one position to another. It is curved at the middle and fitted with soft material at the ends to provide comfort in the palms as the operator pushes it around.

Secondly, the handle supports the saw when it is in a stationary position. The handle makes it easy to work with the saw since it is sturdy and convenient to handle.

Reliable Extension Arms

dewalt dwx726 rolling miter saw standIf the nature of your work is somewhat out of the ordinary range, you have to trust the extension arms to help you execute your task effortlessly. After working with this stand for some time, many carpenters have acknowledged the value of extension arms to help them increase the level of flexibility when handling large pieces of work.

The arms are flexible and user-friendly. You only need to exercise some level of precision when adjusting them in order to guarantee perfect results.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily adjustable mounting rails
  • Can adapt to most miter saws
  • Designed with adjustable roller work supports
  • Strong solid rubber tires


  • The steel construction makes it heavy
  • The set up may be challenging to some operators

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of the DEWALT DW726 Rolling Miter Saw?
A: The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Q: What is the weight of this stand?
A: It weighs 71.5 pounds

Final Verdict

If there is one thing to appreciate about the DEWALT DWX726 stand, it is the astonishing ability to move the saw swiftly for a series of rapid cuts. You can achieve a lot of work in a very short time and save a lot of physical energy.

The stand is strong and durable even when subjected to intense work pressure. Any money spent on purchasing this machine is wisely spent.


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