The Hitachi C10FSHPS is a powerful miter saw that has an adjustable laser marker. It has a soft start, designed to reduce noise and recoil making this a very attractive sliding compound saw for individuals working with fine wood projects, in workshops or on job sites such as carpenters, trim carpenters, framers or woodworkers. This project comes with the saw, a TCT saw blade, dust bag, and 10-millimeter box wrench. Users can perform effortlessly to achieve precision and reliable results while cutting aluminum sashes, decorative panels, hard board, plywood, soft fiberboard or wood.

This product is available on several online retailers and we found has the best prices on all sliding compound miter saws including the Hitachi C10FSHPS.

Hitachi C10FSHPS Features and Specifications

  • It measures 20.75″ x 24.25″ x 14.25″
  • It weighs 1 pounds
  • It has 12 amp motor
  • It has 10 positive stops for quick settings
  • It has a no-load speed of 3800 RPM
  • It has 10″ blade diameter
  • Its bevel angle range from 0 to 45 degree
  • Its bevel stops (right and left) are 0 and 45 degree
  • Its miter detent stops (right and left) are 0, 15,22.5,31.6 and 45 degree
  • Its miter angle range are 0 to 57 degree (right), 0 to 45 degree (left)
  • It has soft start to reduce noise
  • It has an adjustable laser marker

What’s Included

  • C10FSHPS 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker
  • 10-inch TCT saw blade
  • Dust bag
  • Box wrench

Does it include a Warranty?

Yes, the Hitachi C10FSHPS includes an industry-leading 5-year warranty


There are 120 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing for this product. They have scored it a reasonably high 4.4 out of 5 stars on average. This miter saw has a powerful motor to help users to achieve accurate cuts. It has a compound feature that makes this saw easy to use and the Hitachi C10FSHPS 10 is versatile giving users the ability to work the most commonly used angles 15.0, 22.5, 31.6, and 45.0 degrees to the left or right. It gives further flexibility by allowing users to achieve a 57-degree miter angle to the right and a 45-degree miter angle to the left. This particular Hitachi miter saw has an exclusive Laser Marker System that can easily be adjusted to suit the preferences of the user. The saw has a very smooth, nice slide, which is important.


It does have a relatively small table area when compared to other saws of the same type. While the laser is accurate, the black rubber dust guide tends to get in the way of the laser beam which makes it difficult to see the beam once the saw starts cutting. The saw is heavy and bulky so not the model to take from one job site to another.


Any serious woodworker looking for a sliding miter saw would be pleased to work with the Hitachi C10FSHPS 12-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw because of the accuracy and sturdiness of its performance and build.