Do you need an excellent tool that you can use to trim branches and cut other materials? If so, then you need Hitachi C12FDH. Aside from using this miter saw for cutting trees and other materials, you can also use this product for your commercial business. Hitachi C12FDH is indeed an excellent saw that you can use for cutting wide variety of materials sizes.

C12FDH is a best-selling product of Hitachi. No doubt that Hitachi is the leader in development of stunning products in the power tool industry. Today, Hitachi developed C12FDH compound miter saw. It seems that engineers of the company have innovative minds and desire to develop top notch and effective products. The company continually takes their products to the next level of engineering and innovation to product’s new features as addition to classic quality and design of their products. Hitachi C12FDH compound miter saw provides accurate and smooth cuts in different kind of works such as in aluminum sashes, hardboard, fiberboard, panels, plywood, wood and more.

The Hitachi C12FDH is indeed a stunning and making tool for wood workers, framers, and carpenters who need exact cutting, alignment, and blade location. Hitachi C12FDH has plenty of useful and stunning features to help you acquire perfect miter and cut anytime. The product has powerful and long lasting 15-amp motor. The motor can actually generate speed up to 4, 000 RPM quickly and smoothly. Hitachi C12FDH can easily cut through toughest and thickest hardwoods and other materials.

Features of the Model

Hitachi C12FDH is a powerful cutting tool for wood makers. Probably, you want to know more details about the product. Features of the product are listed below:

  • Equipped with chip deflector
  • Soft grip handle
  • 130mm-heights Sub-Fence
  • Thumb actuated positive miter stops for quick and easy adjustment
  • Bevel cut: Fine adjustment and Right/left 48°
  • Soft grip
  • Laser guide to locate on cut line

Why Choose This Saw?

The model is a powerful brand name that successfully built its reputation and dignity among its valuable clients. The company successfully caught people’s attention and loyalty through the total impressive product features that they produced. No doubt, engineers of the company proved their efficiency when they produced Hitachi C12FDH. So, if you are looking for 12 inch miter saw with accurate and quality cuts then it seems that this models suits best to you. This tool is definitely for people who need accurate cutting finishing.


Most Hitachi C12FDH buyers were satisfied with the product’s features and performance. Hitachi C12FDH is probably one of the most well-known products when it comes to pruning jobs. Perhaps this is because of the reputation that it built among the customers. This pruning tool is proven to deliver professional looking pruning job results. It is equipped with amazing features that will enable you to prune trees and plants properly. It is even loaded with features that aim to ensure safety of users. With the help of a good sawing tool such as the Hitachi C12FDH, you will be able to achieve professional looking outcome.