How to Cut Crown Molding with a Miter Saw?


How to Change Blade on Dewalt Miter Saw?

A miter saw blade requires replacement at some point because of general damage or whenever it becomes dull. You should follow the right procedure when replacing the key in order to restore the optimum working capacity of the miter saw and avoid accidents that may result from poor alignment or loose fitting of the saw.

Read the following steps to understand the fine details of how to change blade on Dewalt miter saw.

Step 1: Unplug the Miter Saw

Begin by unplugging your Dewalt miter saw from its power outlet. The process of unplugging is crucial for maintaining personal safety. Ignoring this step can be extremely dangerous because the saw can start inadvertently and cause grievous injuries. There is also the risk of suffering electric shocks if you fumble with the electrical systems of the saw while it is still plugged.

Step 2: Raise the Guard

It is necessary to raise the guard of your miter saw to allow to enable you to proceed with the task of loosening the blade. Experts recommend that you should use the right hand to execute this step.

Step 3: Adjust your Bracket Screw

The next feature you should find is the bracket screw. This screw is positioned at the front of Dewalt miter saw’s arbor bolt. You have to make the screw loose enough by turning it gently in anti-clockwise direction. Once you have loosened this screw, you should proceed to lift the blade guard to a level that can allow for easy operation.

Step 4: Blade Removal

Move the blade slow motion while managing the spindle lock with gentle pressure. Make sure that the spindle lock is sufficiently depressed so that the saw is locked in place to allow for the next steps.

Step 5: Loosen the Arbor

You should then manage the arbor bolt by turning gently and clockwise with the help of the wrench. In the meantime, you should be holding the spindle lock carefully for ease of operation. You should then remove your saw’s arbor bolt followed by the washer before removing the blade carefully from the arbor.

Step 6: Placing the New Saw

The next step involves placing your replacement saw blade on the Dewalt miter saw’s arbor. Make sure that the teeth at the blade’s downside are directed towards the back of the machine. The next move is supposed to manage the blade. This step involves using a wrench to tighten the saw’s washer. The same procedure is also necessary for fixing the arbor bolt. Once the saw is managed, you should proceed to free the spindle lock.

Step 7: Check the Guard and Perform a Test Cut

This step involves moving the guard in a downward position onto the bracket screw. You should follow this procedure by tightening the screw in order to manage the upper guard of your Dewalt miter saw. Make sure that the lower guard of your miter saw covers the saw blade’s lower part. Once you are satisfied by the procedures, return the saw.


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