Carpenters, do-it-yourselfer’s and hobby woodworkers use the Milwaukee 6955-20 because of it’s two position bevel adjustment handle that allows the user to pull the handle all the way up to move to any degree and also to pull it halfway up, click it into various degrees including 0 degree bevel position. This is a 12” sliding dual bevel miter saw that has a digital miter angle for fine adjust with detent override making it possible to make dial-in precise miter angles (non-square environment). This miter saw also provides dual integral job site lights that fully illuminate the work area so that users can see the cut line from the right or left side of the blade.

This product is available on several online retailers and we found has the best prices on all sliding compound miter saws including the Milwaukee 6955-20.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Features and Specifications

  • 15.0-Amp and 3.3-Max horsepower direct drive motor – high performance cutting in hard lumber
  • Dial-in precise miter angles with Miter Angle Fine Adjust
  • Miter angle digital readout
  • Repeatable accuracy to 0.1-Degree
  • Dual integral job site lights
  • Integral dust channel that captures 50 – 75% of all dust and debris cut on both sides of the blade
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping


There are many positives to be mentioned regarding this particular miter saw including the fact that the dust is collected on either side of the blade and brought to the back of the saw. If the user has a steady hand and can apply steady force there is very little deflection unless it is fully extended, in which case any saw will have a bit of deflection in this case. The digital angle readout with micros adjust works well and is an asset to this type of saw. This sliding saw is very sturdy and performs well when sliding and when adjusting the bevel, a feature that is important in this type of saw. Many consumers love the fact that it is solid and well balanced enough for smooth accurate work as well as the dust collection feature. Aside from that, the high fences, digital gauge and job site lights are a plus.


The Milwaukee 6955-20 does have a few faults including that the right side of the fence does not slide because when the saw is beveled to the right, the motor housing hits the fence preventing the sliding action. The saw does not come with a clamp, which many users prefer. When in use, it is observed that the dust collection is only approximately 50% instead of the 75% claimed by the manufacturer.


An all-around sturdy, well-made saw, the Milwaukee 6955-20 performs as a sliding saw should giving the user confidence to work on all manner of fine woodworking projects. This is a great saw for the price range and for the class of sliding saw that it is in.