Before you spend your money on a miter saw, your mind should be clear about the type of work that the machine is intended to perform.

Once you have figured out about the details of work, you should then think about the specific features that are capable of producing the best results in a very efficient working mechanism.Different miter saws have unique enhancements that suit them for particular sawing tasks.

“This miter saw buying guide take you through some of the main features that should guide your buying decision”

Tallness of the Fences

You should consider to buy a miter saw with tall sliding fences in order to get great results in crown and base molding.

Experts recommend buying a miter saw whose sliding fences are tall enough to support crown molding tasks of up to 6-5/8 inches in a nested position. The fences should also be sufficiently tall to support base molding of 6-1/2 inches vertically.

Moreover, the sliding fences should be able to move out of the way easily in order to make perfect bevel cuts. The efficiency of work depends a lot on the tallness of the fences.

Size of the Table

Next time you decide to buy a miter saw, you should think about choosing one with a large table that can accommodate big work pieces with remarkable ease. The size of the table matters a lot for carpenters who deal routinely with large pieces of lumber.

Besides, larger sizes make it easier for the carpenter to work comfortably and with good speed. According to experienced miter saw operators, saws with larger tables have a lower risk of accidents than saws with smaller tables.

You may also think about the ergonomic advantage that you derive from a larger saw.

Check the Power of the Motor

The power of the motor should match the type of work for which you intend to perform with the miter saw.
First, you should consider whether the type of work involves ripping or crosscutting of wood. If your work entails a lot of ripping, then you must consider a saw with a larger blade with a low RPM motor.

On the other hand, you need a powerful motor of up to 5000 RPM or slightly more if you want to achieve very clean and precise cuts.
It might be necessary to consult with a reputed dealer before choosing a saw with the appropriate motor power.

Buy a Miter Saw with Laser Guide

Buying a miter saw with a laser guide gives you an enormous advantage in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Laser guide systems help you to direct the blade on the marked area in order to get a perfect and precise cut. Different laser systems have varying levels of visibility. The degree of error is lesser if you are using a miter saw with a laser system.

Some laser guides may not work well in outdoor sawing, but many laser guides help you to execute tasks without straining your vision.

Ultimately, you need a highly functional laser guide to enable you make clean cuts without compromising on time.