When I found out about the SKIL 3317-01 Miter Saw, I chose to discover if the device had any distinct stamina’s that might engage my interest. My curiosity heightened because my old miter saw might not work with the same quality of precision that had attracted me to it in the first place. I had to change my old saw that could work quicker, longer and more properly.
At close range, I discovered that the miter saw has an outstanding quick-mount system and a spacious table extension that makes it easy to set it up on the device and work on large pieces respectively. Additionally, I was extremely delighted with its sheer power and flawless precision. Let us explore the functions in details.

Features of SKIL 3317-01 Compound Miter Saw Features

I have actually thoroughly evaluated the SKIL 3317-01 Compound miter saw features, and efficiency. To make you understand whether you must go with the item or not, discussed them in details below on this SKIL 3317-01 Review.

Horizontal Clamping System

The clamping system of a miter saw must have the dual function of improving the safety of the operator and improving the quality of the cuts. The SKIL 3317-01 miter saw is well related to because of the dependability of its clamping system.

You do not need to fret about the stock slipping off from its position as the sawing advances. Operators are likewise advised to demand utilizing the miter saw so that their hands and fingers are kept away from the blade to prevent injury.

Dependable Table Extension For Holding Larger Stock

An excellent compound miter saw ought to be able to handle large pieces of stock with relative ease. In order to improve the size and capability, the makers of the SKIL 3317-01 ensured that the saw has a spacious table extension, which include left or best extension rails.

With such a building benefit, this miter saw is able to work on a few of the biggest and longest pieces of stock that are frequently brought to the workshop.

Dust Collection Bag For a Cleaner Work Area

SKIL 3317-01 Miter Saw Keeping the work space cleaner needs to be a crucial consideration for any miter saw operator. Numerous miter saws have dust collection systems, but the SKIL 3317-01 miter saw stands apart because of its amazing dust collection capacity.

Although no dust collection bag can intend to attain One Hundred Percent collection capacity, this miter saw boasts of greater collection performance when compared of many other miter saws in its line. In fact, the superior collection capability makes it simpler to clean up the job website after work.

Left or Right Lock-Off Change For Easy to Use Appeal

I am a left-handed carpenter and my associate is right-handed. Lots of miter saws are developed with just right-handed users in mind.
Nevertheless, we prefer to deal with the SKIL 3317-01 since it offers us both the unique capacity to optimize our skills in the most convenient and comfortable ways that line up with our nature. In other words, this machine does not discriminate based on orientation.

Quick-Mount System For simpler Set-up

Having actually worked with various kinds of miter saws, I understand the trouble that some operators face in terms of setting up the system. The quick-mount system is expected to assist you establish the machine in three simple actions.

This suggests that you can settle down on a cutting task and finish it quicker than when utilizing a miter saw with a complicated set-up treatment. The quick-mount system likewise adds to the basic pleasure of working.

Laser Cut-line Guide For Improved Precision

Precision is the all-time watchword on the planet of sawing. In the past, carpenters count on the quality of their vision to perform precise cuts. Nevertheless, the stamina of the senses is generally prone to mistake.

Luckily, this miter saw is created with an extremely efficient laser cut-line guide that directs the blade on the stock with flawless precision. This is one reason why lots of carpenters like this miter saw for carrying out fragile molding tasks and trimming.


  • Capable of extremely precise miter cuts
  • Created with an ergonomic deal with for comfort
  • Lightweight for enhanced mobility
  • Strong and long lasting construction
  • Enhanced dust collection capability


  • The 10-Inch blade is insufficient for cutting thick stock
  • Complex technical information might challenge brand-new users

Final Verdict

In many ways, the different SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound miter saw review recommend that the machine is both hassle-free and resilient. Many carpenters are drawn in to this miter saw because of its user-friendly appeal, portability, tough construction, and top-level precision. It is relatively costs and comes with very convenient service warranty terms. On these grounds, this miter saw is a worthwhile purchase for any carpenter.