What type of saw would you have to cut through a difficult board of 3.25 inches of thickness? I can only answer this question by exploring the special functions of the WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding compound miter saw. The open secret behind the power of this miter saw lies in its effective motor.

The 15 amps motor attains a best spinning speed of 5500 rpm within seconds. You require such power and an extremely efficient blade if you are going to cut through thick boards with ease and precision.

WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Features

I have thoroughly reviewed the WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw features, and efficiency. Making you comprehend whether you should choose the item or not, discussed them in details written below on this WEN 70716 Review.

The Powerful 15 Amps Motor

Very few miter saws can achieve the spinning force of 5500 rounder per meter (RPM). That is why this miter saw continues to be exceptional in terms of its ability to cut through steel and thick lumber. I have actually checked the efficiency of this saw with some of the hardest pieces of wood at the workshop and enjoyed the results.

Worldwide of carpentry and house styling, greater spinning power of the miter blades constantly equalize into faster completion of work.

Spacious Work Table

I remember quite clearly the disappointments I endured whenever I attempted to make precise miter cuts on big boards with a compound miter saw that lacked enough table area. The work was usually difficult because of the diversion involved.

As a consequence, a few of my miter cuts were substandard just as my bevel cuts were awkward. I like this miter saw due to the fact that it has enough work tables to hold large pieces of lumber.

Strong 60-Tooth Carbide Blade

Among the very first details I usually check on a miter saw is the number of teeth on its blade and the material of its make. I am specifically impressed with this saw due to the fact that it defines its accuracy by the 60-tooth carbide blade, makings spick-and-span cuts on any sizes of lumber.

I needed to make numerous crosscuts and miter cuts for a mahogany table and the blade showed its effectiveness. The 5500 rpm spinning force of the motor adds to the amazing performance of the blade.

Effective Dust Collection Bag

You may have worked with numerous compound miter saws and questioned the effectiveness of their dust collection bags. Maybe it is time you tried working with this miter saw’s dust collection bag.

It is not possible to work in a best dustless environment; this bag does an impressive job in gathering most of the saw dust at the workplace. I find it remarkably superior to many other options that I have actually worked with.

A Tall Fence and a Strong Hold Down Clamp

Throughout my experience with different compound miter saws, I have actually discovered how to appreciate the value of a great fence and a strong clamp. These two functions determine the quality of your crown molding and miter cuts.

You may opt to work without the clamp, however you will find out that your development is slower and the degree of mistake is high. This miter saw permits you the convenience of dealing with a durable fence and clamp for accuracy and stability.

A Carrying Handle for Portability

If your work involves moving from one task website to another, then this is the kind of miter saw that you should think about purchasing. The tool is equipped with a strong carrying manage that boosts the ease of motion.

I would readily recommend this machine to those for whom moving heavy items is excruciating. The carrying handle distributes the weight evenly across the machine in a way that minimizes physical strain and fatigue.


  • Perfect for making thick and deep cuts
  • Easily lightweight for improved mobility
  • Designed with reputable density
  • Functions with excellent spinning force
  • Cuts with remarkable accuracy


  • Insulation may produce burning smell
  • Inadequate directions from the producer


This compound miter saw is developed to help you get premium results for straight, compound, miter, and bevel cuts on different kinds of work pieces. It has an immensely powerful motor that spins at 5500 rpm, which suffices for some of the hardest cuts at the workplace.

It likewise has many distinct ergonomic qualities and the convenience of mobility. Any money invested in its purchase is cash wisely invested.