How to choose the right and best miter saw?


In order to cut lumber at an angle. For example to make frames or moldings. A best miter saw is essential for good results. However not all machines have the same features. So it is advisable to know what you should look for to get the right miter saw with your purchase. With our guide to buy the best miter saw on the market. We publish these important points. Which will help you to obtain the best result of your purchase.


The most important is the power of the chosen machine. This power is important for two factors. Firstly because depending on the power chosen we will be able to cut more or less hard materials. So that the power required for a chipboard is not the same as for solid wood pieces. The higher the power, the more cutting capacity. The same thing happens with the thickness or size of the materials.

The more power machine has, the greater the thickness of the material can be. Obviously if your work is going to be simple and you will not use any hard or deep materials. You can also pick cheaper models with less power. Although as always we recommend the best that we choose same or similar price offer the greater power.

Cutting Disc

As important as the power is the cutting disc of the miter. This disc tooth is the one that directly executes the cut on the material, moved by the motor. For your miter gage to fit properly. You must have the option of being able to assemble cutting discs that are adaptable to the different materials you are going to cut. Since cutting wood is not the same as plastic.

The larger the disk size, the greater depth and ease of cutting you can get. As a last question, it is important to check that the disc changer system is simple to use and that it ensures a secure and firm fastening at all times, with little effort.

Angle sensor

Since the cutter is intended for angled cuts. It is necessary to evaluate the picking or handling system of that angle of cut. In general a miter cutter can cut from a right angle of 90 degrees to 45 degrees. Obviously if you want to make angles of higher level you can always mount the piece upside down to do it. It is essential that the system of capture or establishment of the angle is firm. So that oscillations or movements can damage the final result. It is also important that the angle chosen can be set as accurately as possible.

Some models simply have the option of choosing angles of 5 in 5 degrees. While the highest level miters allow to set the angle of degree in degree or even with more precision. In any case adapt your choice to your needs, plus considering how much it costs to have more precise machines.

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