Best Compound Miter Saw Reviews & Guide 2020

One tool that is versatile as well as handy is the compound miter saw. If you are looking for a woodworking machine a compound miter saw is the best. It cuts wood to frame cabinet or furniture parts, make doors and windows or crown molding. A compound miter can help you make a perfect crosscut, a cut at 90 degrees as well as a miter cut, angled as you need. It is the best tool to hold for all your DIY activities that are related to woodwork. There are many tools that cut wood, however, a miter saw is the one that gives a precise cut. A stable arm helps to achieve accurate and precise cuts just as expected.

Every tool has some limitations and a compound miter certainly does. It cannot wade through lumber. A wide stock can be difficult too. Adding sliding arms to the miter saw can help to sort it out. To chop wood like an expert, a compound miter saw is a must

Choosing the best compound miter saw can be an overwhelming task. With so many brands in the market with a lot of features, it can be tricky to get the one that suits you best. For expert cuts, today, the saws also have the option to have built in laser for more precision. A little research about a few saws will help you shortlist what you want. Our guideline here will help you make an informed choice.

Types Of Compound Miter Saw

The first thing to consider while buying a compound saw is its types. They are broadly classified based upon the bevel as single or dual. They could also be sliding, portable and cordless. Each type has distinctive pros and cons.

  • Single Bevel Compound Miter or Left Swing Saw – This is the basic type of compound saw where one can make accurate and precise cuts as required. The arm of the saw swings only on the left side.
  • Dual Bevel Compound Miter or Left and Right Swing Saw – If the arms of the saw can move in the right as well as the left side simultaneously, it is called as a dual bevel saw. They are a bit difficult to operate. It works best for people who use the tool often.
  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw – are also called as a heavy-duty compound miter. They are similar in features as the compound miter saw, but they have a sliding arm. This is very helpful for making wider cuts. This is considered as the most versatile compound miter. The only drawback is that it is very expensive compared to the other types. However, it is the favorite tool of professional people who use the tool very often.
  • Portable Cordless Compound Miter Saw- They are handy and portable saws. They suit best for people on the go. It is considered as a feature of the miter saw as these can be any of the types – Single bevel, dual bevel or sliding miter saw.

Different Types Of Best Compound Miter Saw

As aforementioned, there are numerous miter saws in the market that will offer you amazing service and quality of work. Below are some of the best miter saws ever made. Read through their different features and select one that will satisfy your every need.

For the home handyman or professionals, having the right tools readily available often means the distinction between a successful task and a profanity-filled mess. To have more success and less cash in the swear container, think about purchasing a miter saw. A miter saw is among the handiest power tools offered for dealing with wood. It plows through a series of cuts rapidly and effectively, varying from basic perpendicular straight cuts to intricate miter and bevel cuts. If you’re still utilizing a hand saw and a miter box to make cuts, you may wish to consider purchasing a power miter saw. This kind of tool makes fast, ideal cuts whenever. It works even much faster than a circular power hand saw, and it will cut all sort of wood, some plastics, and some pieces of thin steel and aluminum. Please continue reading this shopping guide to read more about miter saws and how to pick the 5 best miter saw for your needs.

A Comparison of our Favorite Picks:

Model Type Size Ratings Price
Sliding Compound 12″ 4.9/5
Hitachi C10FCG
Compound 10″ 4.4/5
Compound 12″ 4.7/5
Compound 10″ 4.1/5
Bosch GCM12SD
Sliding Compound 12″ 4.4/5

The Five Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws 2020 – Our Review:

1. DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)


  • Powerful 15 amp, 3,800 rpm motor delivers extended power and durability
  • Exclusive Back Fence design cuts up to 2 by 16 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees, 2 by 12 at 45 degrees
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops improves productivity, ensures accuracy

2. Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10' Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

  • 15 Amp motor generates a no-load speed of up to 5,000 RPM for making crosscuts and miter cuts with ease.
  • 0-52 degree miter angle range to the right & left for increased flexibility , Motor Horsepower – 2.57 hp
  • 0-45 degree bevel range to the left to provide clean and accurate bevel cuts. Thumb actuated positive stops for quick miter adjustments
  • 24.2 lbs to facilitate maneuverability and easier transport. Dust collector attachment included to minimize airborne particle


  • Boasts impressive features for a low price that include stable, accurate cutting ability, roomy table, and reliable material clamp. Decent power – great for DIYs.


  • Laser could be better, and fence is somewhat flimsy. Some consumers had issues with the warranty being honored.

3. DEWALT DWS715 15-Amp 12' Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

  • 15 amp motor to drive 4, 000 RPM, delivering Extended power and durability.
  • Tall sliding fences support 5-1/2 in. Of base molding vertically and 5-1/2 in.
  • Stainless steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops
  • Precise miter system and machined base fence support Bevels 0° – 48° to the left and 0°- 3° to the right 2 in. X 8 in.
  • Dimensional lumber cross cut capacity at 90° and 2 in. X 6 in. Dimensional lumber at 45°

Dewalt DW715 is a 12 inch compound miter saw which is supported by strong and reliable 15 amp rotors that offer a quick speed of about 4000 rpms. This makes tasks of cross cutting, molding, miter and frame cutting to be extremely easy and fast.

The design is diverse from other DEWALT models. This model has a sturdy design which allows it to deliver a flexible setup having optimum correctness for several applications.

It also has adaptable stainless steel plates which offer 11 positive stop.In addition, the model has basic an adaptable lock miter handle which convey precise and fast miter angle so as to allow detent override.The saw has a lengthy fence that support 5-1/4 inch crown nested upright in addition to a 6-1/2 inch base molding that is set upright.

4. Makita LS1018 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

  • Powerful 13.0 AMP direct drive motor requires less maintenance and delivers 4,300 RPM
  • Miters 0° – 47° left and 0° – 60° right, with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° (left and right)
  • Cuts up to 12” at 90° and 8-1/2” at 45°, Arbor 5/8 inch, linear ball bearing system for accurate cuts
  • Rear handle bevel lock is easily accessible and adjusts 0° – 45° (left and right) with positive stops at 0°, 45° (left and right)
  • Includes Blade, vise, triangular rule, dust bag, extension wings and wrench. Max. Cutting Capacity (miter 90°) : 3-5/8 x 12(inches)

5. Bosch GCM12SD 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

  • 15 AMP motor, 3,800 RPM, 3HP (Max)
  • 14-Inch expanded horizontal cutting capacity
  • 6-1/2-inch vertical capacity, and a 6-1/2-inch crown capacity (45-degree spring)
  • Bevel detents: 0, 33.9°, 45° left/right for accurate cuts.
  • Category best 90% dust collection – optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuum

Final Thoughts

Even though they are expensive, compound miter saw are very practical and handy for any projects. Consider buying the tool based on the quality as it would be a great risk to buy a low-quality saw. If you often do woodwork or a lot of DIY projects for home improvement, a compound miter saw is a must to have. Choose the tool according to your budget and your need for best results.

Finally, clean the tool after every use. It is a very important thing to keep the tool as fresh as new. Safeguard the tool from regular wear and tear with more time and use. Also, always have an eye on the power cords as they are very important to use the tool safely. Optimal performance is integral for every power tool in use.

Some Question You Got, We have Got Answer For that

Which is the best Compound Miter Saw?

– The best depends upon the purpose and need of the tool. Every job requires a specific type of tool for best results

Should we replace the blade in a compound miter saw?

– Yes. When the cuts are not precise with chipping marks, it is time to replace the blades. Replacing the blades help to keep the performance

Do I need a miter saw stand?

– If you are working on long pieces of wood more than 24 inches, it is advisable to have a miter saw stand. For smaller wood pieces, a stand is not required.

Is it necessary to clean the compound miter saw?

-Yes. Like any other working tool, a compound miter must be cleaned after every use. Proper cleaning and maintenance help in longevity. There is also a better performance in tools that are maintained regularly.

How do I clean the tool?

-The best and easy way to clean is to blow dry the tool after use. Once it is done, wipe the tool using a dry cloth to remove remaining debris.

Can I clean the blade?

-Certainly. The teeth of the blades can be cleaned too. A regular toilet bowl cleaner is used to clean the tool. A specialty blade cleaner will also work. It is more expensive

Are there any regular checks required?

-Always check the power chords before connecting the tool. A damaged power cord is extremely dangerous and might cause injury.

When should I not use the tool?

-If the tool gets overheated or if there is too much of vibration than usual, it is better to check with a professional before using it. It is best to be cautious while you use power tools.

Can I use any blade for any use?

-No. The blade must suit the nature of work. A bigger sized blade can be dangerous while working on a regular sized saw.

How often should I check for faults?

-These are power tools and they must be checked every time before using. A careless use may spell more harm than imagined.